#7 Strip Backing Sizes

Custom Brush Stock Program…

The following brushes are available to ship within 48 hours. They are trimmed to your overall trim and length specifications.

For special order custom brush requests, please fill out a design form or call Customer Service at
800-227-2961. Our technical sales team is ready to serve your custom brush needs.

Product #

Fill Material

Overall Trim



Triangular Plated Steel Backing
Level Nylon
8B9703.014 Black7/8″3″
8B9704.018 Black7/8″4″
8B9705.024 Black7/8″5″
Crimped Nylon
8B9054.005 Black1″2″
8B9041.010 Black7/8″1-1/2″
8B9042.010 Black2″
8B9043.010 Black3″
8B9052.014 Black7/8″2″
8B9053.014 Black3″
8B9072.020 Black7/8″2″
8B9073.020 Black3″
8B9074.020 Black4″
8B9062.028 Black7/8″2″
8B9063.028 Black3″
8B9064.028 Black4″
8B9069.036 Black1″6″
8B9212.012 Red7/82-3/4″
8B9228.028 Green7/8″2″
Crimped Polypropylene
8B9092.010 White7/8″2″
8B9091.014 Black7/8″3″
8B9094.020 Black7/8″3″
8B9096.020 White7/8″4″
8B9098.030 White1″4″
8B9100.030 Black7/8″3″
8B9099.030 White6″
8B9104.040 Black7/8″4″
8B9108.040 Black8″
Natural Fibers
8B9033White Tampico3″
8B9034White Tampico4″
8B903285% Horsehair7/8″2″
15% .005 Bronze7/8″2″
Crimped Oiled Tempered Wire
Triangular Stainless Steel Backing
Crimped Nylon
8B9057.014 White FDA Approved7/8″3″
8B9067.028 White FDA Approved7/8″4″
Crimped Polypropylene
8B9047.014 White7/8″3″
Crimped Stainless Steel
8B9077.010 Wire2-1/2″2-1/2″
Aluminum Extrusion
9C7100Aluminum extrusionsingle strip
9C7107Aluminum extrusion, anodizedsingle strip
9C7145Aluminum extrusion45 degree45 degree
9C7150Aluminum extrusion, paster brushfour strips
9C7190Aluminum extrusion, anodized90 degree90 degree
9C7200Aluminum extrusiondouble strip
#7 Strip Holders

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