Bakery Conveyor Cleaning Brushes

Donuts Glazed by Brush

Fuller Custom Brush manufactures custom, industrial brushes specifically for bakery use. From conveyor cleaning cylinder brushes to oil coating brushes, we pride ourselves on crafting your bakery a custom solution to improve efficiency and productivity.

Every baking operation has specific needs from bristle strength to a perfect fit. Fuller Custom Brush determines your bristle diameter size according to your baking needs. Our bristle sizes range from 0.008 to 0.014 gauge.

Fuller Custom Brush only uses top-quality bristles that are FDA compliant. Our bristles are strong enough to get baked-on cheese off yet gentle enough to not scratch your bakery equipment. Our engineers work with your team to develop the perfect brush for your operation.

Our bakery brushes are made with food-grade material, and our manufacturing facility is FDA-compliant. Fuller Custom Brush can manufacture the largest conveyor cleaning brushes in the nation to ensure continuous cleaning so no grime is left behind.

Kit -
Product No. - 8A1104-277
Description - 2 brushes, w/ mounting hardware .028 crimped green nylon
Dimensions - 3-1/2 in. x 36 in.

Refill -
Product No. - 8A1104-272
Description - Refill, brush only
Dimensions - 3-1/2`` x 36``

The Guardsman Conveyor Cleaning Kit

Continuous cleaning without production interruptions. Clean both sides of your conveyor as it operates. Fits all rod conveyors. Easy installation, no separate power drive required. Shafts and mounting hardware included in kit. No drilling, tapping, or cutting needed. Fits on 1/2" shaft.

Product NumberDescriptionDimensions
8A1104-277 Kit, 2 brushes, w/ mounting hardware .028 crimped green nylon3-1/2″ x 36″
8A1104-272 Refill, Brush Only3-1/2″ x 36″

Oven Band Cleaning Brush

Keep your oven band free of build-up. Manual cleaning of the band eliminated with the aggressive cleaning action of a wire brush. Fits on a 4-inch shaft.
Product No. - 8A1107-41
Description - Steel wire coil brush .010 oil tempered steel wire. Note: can be customized to meet your specific oven band requirements
Dimensions - 8 in. x 39 in.

Bun Pan Brush

Remove sesame seeds from bun pans effectively. Brush is designed to agitate seeds from pans upper surface. Once dislodged, seeds may be easily carried off by a vacuum system. May also be used for dusting or applying glazed finishes on bakery items. Fits 1 in. shaft. May be used on Kraft Tandem 550 machines.
Product No. - 8A1107-56
Description - Nylon, steel backing .014 crimped white nylon
Dimensions - 10 in. x 22 in.

Sheeter Brush

Reduce maintenance care of leveling rollers with the sheeter brush. Continuous cleaning of the Teflon rollers prevents dough build-up. Easily mounted and sanitized. Fits 5/8 in. shaft. May be used on the Electra food machine.
Product No. - 8A1104-166
Description - Nylon, steel backing .014 crimped white nylon
Dimensions - 2-3/4 in. x 22 in.

Bakery Conveyor Cleaning Sentry Series

Sentry Bakery Conveyor Cleaning

Designed specifically to eliminate build-up and carry-over on wire rod cooling conveyor systems. An affordable approach to reducing your bakery conveyor cleaning problems. Two brush assemblies are recommended for each conveyor (one over/one under). Continuous cleaning action keeps rods free of all foreign matter.

Sentry Bakery Conveyor Cleaning Kit Features: 

  • Cleans conveyor while it operates
  • Zero clearance mounting clips
  • Quick change mounting brackets
  • No separate power drive needed
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean (resists bacteria growth)
  • Easy to refill
  • Optional bolt mounting for rigid application
  • Maintenance-free
  • Available from stock
  • Color coding available in red, green, white and black

Brushes supplied in standard 28″ lengths. Coiled to fit 1/2-inch diameter shaft. Can be cut to fit individual needs. Mounting accessories are available from stock.

This brush can be compressed or expanded to fit 11″ to 29″ conveyors.

Normal brushing action, .012 crimped red nylonNormal brushing action, .012 crimped white nylonHeavy brushing action, .018 crimped white nylonExtra-Heavy brushing action, .028 crimped green nylonExtra-Heavy brushing action, .028 crimped black nylonExtra-Heavy brushing action, .028 crimped white nylonExtra-Heavy brushing action, .028 crimped green nylon
3-1/2″ outside dia., 28″ long3-1/2″ outside dia., 28″ long3 1/2″ outside dia., 28″ long3 1/2″ outside dia., 28″ long3 1/2″ outside dia., 28″ long4″ outside dia., 28″ long.3 1/2″ outside dia., 36″ long
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