Cylinder Mounting Flanges

To complement the BRUSH STRIP program.  Fuller offers a wide selection of mounting flanges to ensure proper brush installation and operation.  All flanges are designed to accommodate brush strips with No. 7 backing.  A variety of flange diameters, arbor hole sizes and strip capacities are offered.  Flanges are complete with all necessary hardware. Design assemblies for light-duty cleaning or full face density, depending on your choice of flanges and number of strips used.Recommended spacing of flanges is one every eight inches plus one to start. For example, a 24 inch assembly requires four flanges.

  • 9C9003 Screw Type wedge_type
  • 9C9001 Wedge Type wedge_type_1
  • 9C9412 Wedge Type wedge_type_2





Product# Type Flange Dia Arbor Hole
Strip Capacity Strip Type
9C9001 Wedge 2″ 1″, 1-1/8″ 6 Straight/Spiral
9C9003 Screw 3″ 1″, 1-7/16″ 8 or 16 Straight/Spiral
9C90010 Screw 2″ 1″ 10 Straight/Spiral
9C90012 Wedge 4″ 1″, 2-1/4″ 12 Straight/Spiral

Note: Larger bore size available by special order.

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