Cylinder Straight Strip

The workhorse in the industry for powered conveyor cleaning. For general cleaning and applications where liquids are used. Excellent for use on all types of belts requiring power rotation. Quality construction provides longer brush life and lower replacement frequency. Wide variety of fill materials and mounting flanges for cleaning versatility.

Brute features:

  • Wide variety of fill materials
  • Lengths up to 144 inches, cut to your specifications
  • 6 to 16 strips within 360 degrees
  • Refillable design
  • Flanges and brush strips available from stock
  • Increase productivity and lower maintenance costs


How to Order:

  • Outside diameter will equal the flange diameter plus two times the brush strip’s overall trim.
  • Select the flange diameter, type and arbor hole size.
  • Determine overall length and outside diameter of required brush assembly.
  • Select brush strip and overall trim.
  • Order sufficient number of flanges based on assembly length



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