Metal Channel Strip




If you need a custom designed brush in your
operation…you need Fuller Custom Brush on your team!


The Fuller Custom Brush has been a recognized leader in the custom brush industry since 1906. Fuller Brush pioneered and developed the principle of the continuous strip.

This patented brush construction firmly anchors brush filaments in place, thus providing greater density, uniformity and durability when compared to staple tufted brushes. A FULLERGRIPT® strip can be used as a straight strip, coiled, spiraled, or formed into almost any shape.

Center Wire

Strong, durable steel locking wire runs the entire length of the strip. Inserted over the fill material and forced down into the formed channel, the wire causes the fill to become vertical as the strip closes over the wire and fill.

Fill Material

The versatility of Fullergript allows the use of many materials to provide the most efficient brushing action. Materials include: horsehair, fiber, steel wire, bronze wire, stainless steel, nylon, polypropylene and other synthetics – as well as mixtures of these materials.


Strip metal (steel, stainless steel, or aluminum) forms the indestructible backing for Fullergript brushes. The fill material is laid over the heavy gauge metal which is being formed into a U-shaped channel. The following table lists standard channel sizes and basic dimensions of metal strip brushes.

  • Trim Options
  • Shapes & Application
  • Channel Dimensions
  • Backing
  • Holders
  • Brush Seals
  • Fill Material


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