Brush Seals


The Fuller Custom Brush  has been a recognized leader in the custom brush industry since 1906. Fuller Brush pioneered and developed the principle of the continuous strip.

This patented brush construction firmly anchors brush filaments in place, thus providing greater density, uniformity and durability when compared to staple tufted brushes. A FULLERGRIPT® strip can be used as a straight strip, coiled, spiraled, or formed into almost any shape.


  • straight


  • angled


  • 90_angled
    90° Angle


Use Fullergript Bush Seals to…

CONTROL AIR FLOW:  provides an effective physical barrier to control heating and cooling

PEST CONTROL:  keep the insects and rodents outside the facility

CONTROL DUST:  seal buildings, computer rooms, machinery, and filtration systems from dust and dust particles

CONTROL LIGHT:  reduce or eliminate light transfer

CONTROL SOUND:  effectively reduce the ill effects of sound infiltration from manufacturing areas to office areas, test lab’s, etc.

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