Fill Material




Nylon-Type 6 — Good bend recovery, abrasion resistance, flex fatigue resistance, and chemical resistance.

Nylon-Type 6.6 — Similar properties as 6.0 nylon, but better bend recovery and wet stiffness. High heat deflection temperature.

Nylon Type 6.12 — Highest quality nylon with excellent bend recovery. Used in applications that require a low water absorption.

Nylon-Conductive — Offers superior performance in static control or conductive brushes. The conductivity is unaffected by humidity. Suitable for uses up to 230°F.

Polypropylene — Versatile filament for a variety of applications. Excellent wet stiffness. Good bend recovery, but will take a set more easily than other material.

Polyester — An economical substitute for nylon Type 6.6 and 6.12. Ideal for wet applications since its water absorption is very low. Also excellent bend recovery and solvent resistance.

Abrasive Nylon — Nylon monofilament impregnated with either silicone carbide or aluminum oxide. Long wearing material available in several filament diameters and grit sizes.




Horse Hair — Black or grey in color. Very good durability. Soft to slightly stiff texture gives scratchless cleaning for highly polished surfaces.

Goat Hair — Very fine hair often used for very short trim soft brushes.




Steel — High carbon wire with excellent fatigue resistance.

Stainless Steel-Type 304 — Highly resistant to corrosion and higher temperatures. Often effective in contamination areas and after-rust areas.

Stainless Steel-Type 316 — Superior for high corrosion resistance and more effective in highly contaminated applications.

Brass — Non-ferrous and softer wire compared to steel or stainless steel. Effective for reducing heavy static in a concentrated area.

Phosphorous Bronze — Non-ferrous wire. Better temper than brass with non-corrosive properties.


Paint Fiber


Tampico — Derived from the Agave plant grown in Mexico. Natural creamy white color. Unsurpassed in applications requiring liquid retention, scrubbing, and surface finishing.
Bassine — Dark brown bassine is a coarse dyed fiber from palm trees grown in India. Bassine is an excellent material for heavy-duty scrub brushes.



E=Excellent G=Good F=Fair P=Poor

Characteristics Polypropylene Nylon Tampico Bassine *Horsehair
Max Temp Usage 240°F 250°F 250°F 225°F 275°F
Stiffness When Wet G P P F P
Bend Recovery G E P P F
Resistance to Abrasion G E P P G
Resistance to Taking a Set F G F F P
Dilute Acids E P G G P
Dilute Alkalis E E G G P
Nonflammable Degreasing Solvents F G G G P
Gasoline Petroleum Distillates G E G G P
Alcohols, Vegetables Oils E G G G P
*Horse hair is an excellent material for fine brushing. Durable, high heat resistance. Generates minimum static electricity. Not recommended for wet conditions.

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