#4 Strip Backing Sizes

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Fuller Custom Brush keeps a list of our metal channel brushes in stock and ready to ship to you. The following brushes are available to ship within 48 hours. They are trimmed to your overall trim and length specifications.

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Product #

Fill Material

Overall Trim



Triangular Plated Steel Backing
Level Nylon
8B9402 .006 Black 1/2″ 1-1/2″
8B9403 .010 Black 1/2″ 3″
Crimped Nylon
8B9078 .010 Black 1/2″ 2″
8B9080 Horsehair 1/2″ 2″
Triangular Aluminum Backing
Crimped Nylon
8B9079 .005 Black 1/2″ 1-1/4″
8B9036 .008 Black 1/2″ 2″
Aluminum Extrusion
9C4100 Aluminum extrusion, anodized 0 degree 0 degree
9C4145 Aluminum extrusion 45 degree 45 degree
9C4190 Aluminum extrusion, anodized 90 degree 90 degree
#4 Strip Holders

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