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For more than 100 years, exacting standards for design, manufacturing, and customer service have established Fuller Custom Brush as the trusted provider of custom brush applications for Fortune 500 companies representing a variety of industries, from agriculture to aerospace. We meet the strictest of specifications for OEM components.  As well as for custom production parts, manufacturing processes, and various manual uses.

Tufted Lag Brushes are straight staple set brushes made out of wood or plastic blocks up to 98” long.  Lag Brushes can be used for conveying, sealing, filtering, cleaning, bed brushes, guide brushes, and material handling brushes.

Disc Brushes and Cylinder are made from wood or plastic.  The bristles are tufted at different height and angles for custom brush applications, Polishing Brushes, Wiping and Cleaning Brushes.  Our maximum capability is a 35” outside diameter brush.

Cylinder Brushes are made with synthetic tubes with a variation in the tuft hole-size and staple set pattern provides a versatility in the brushing action.

What Are Staple Set Brushes?

The manufacturing of a staple set brush is fairly unique. The wooden or synthetic block is put on the stapling machine, and then a previously programmed hole pattern is drilled and tufted.

Our custom staple set brushes can be manufactured with a block made of wood or synthetic material, and in straight or staggered designs with a variety of fill materials to choose from including:

  • Bassine: A natural fiber made from the leaves of the palmyra palm, bassine readily absorbs water, making it a cost-efficient material for custom push brooms used for cleaning hard surfaces, such as concrete, vinyl, ceramic tile, terrazzo, and linoleum.
  • Goat hair:Animal hair is a versatile material. Goat hair, in particular, is known for its softness, and is used in applications requiring a delicate touch, such as cosmetics, dusting, and forensics.
  • Horsehair: Horsehair brushes — made from the animal’s mane or tail — are commonly used for polishing and cleaning as a less abrasive alternative to synthetic or metal bristles. They also are used dry in anti-static environments or for applying adhesives.
  • Polyester: In applications requiring a bristle with low water absorption, polyester is a good choice. It remains stiff, even in liquid, and is resistant to bacteria and microorganisms.
  • Polypropylene: Similar to polyester, polypro, for short, resists water, retains its stiffness in wet or dry conditions, and is bio resistant. The material is largely resistant to typically damaging industrial chemicals or solvents, as well as acids, alcohols, or oils.
  • Stainless steel: Known for high corrosion and heat resistance, stainless steel is used in tool fabrication and finishing. Brushes made from this material also are used on conveyors and for heavy-duty cleanings, such as rust, corrosion, and paint removal.
  • Steel: Steel is appropriate for use on surfaces that have varying texture and porosity, such as wood, metal, concrete, and stone. Fine bristles are suitable for polishing, while the stiffer wire is used to abrade or remove build-up.
  • Tampico: Typically used for light scrubbing or cleaning, natural Tampico fiber is highly water absorbent. It also is resistant to heat and chemicals, making it a popular fill for bakery brushes.

Applications & Industries

Because our custom staple set brushes can be manufactured in an infinite number of ways, there are many applications for different industries, including:

  • Wholesale bakeries and Bakery Equipment Manufacturers : Conveyor cleaning brushes, spreading or dusting brushes, guiding in packaging, proffer brushes,
  • Fruit and Vegetable Brushes: Tufted Cylinder Brushes are used in food processing for washing, waxing, polishing and drying brushes.  Peeler brushes are used for potatoes and carrots.
  • Furniture Manufacturing and Wood Processing: Stain Brushes, Dust removal brushes, Machine Guard Brushes, Brush guides,
  • Packaging and Material Handling Brushes: Antistatic Brushes are used to apply labels and remove static during packaging processes.  Guide Brushes for products.
  • Equipment Accessories Brushes: Scrubbing Brushes, Sweeper Brushes, Brush Rollers for Glass, Dairy Brushes, Vehicle Washing Brushes, Brooms, Bench Brushes,
  • Agriculture Brushes: Orchard Sweeper Brush, Front End Loader Brush, Lawn Sweeper Brush, Street Sweeper Brush, Bunk Sweeper Brush
  • Consumer Brush: Private Label, Hair Brushes, Cleaning Brushes, Bench Brushes, Push Brooms, Personal Care Brushes

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Fuller Custom Brush continues to set the standard for quality custom brushes across many high-tech, commercial, and industrial applications in a variety of industries. To find out how we can help your company, contact us today.

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