Staple Set

Staple set brushes are manufactured in straight or staggered designs in a variety of fill material. There are many trim shapes illustrated below to choose from depending on the brush application. The block is made of wood or synthetic material.

There are many applications for custom staple set brushes because they can be manufactured in an infinite number of ways:

You can use a staple set brush to clean the inner workings of machinery, clean conveyor belts, transport products down a conveyor line, cleaning glass, packaging items, vacuuming carpets, labeling bottles and containers, treating wood surfaces and a number of other applications. Our staple set brushes are used extensively in the bakery, aerospace and transportation industries. If your company is looking for a custom staple set brush solution, fill out the form below or contact us directly! 

If you have questions or would prefer to order via phone, give us a call at 1-800-227-2961

Staple Set


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