Twisted-in-Wire Brushes

Fuller’s Custom Brush division has long set the standard for superior design, exceptional quality, and outstanding customer service. We strive to meet or exceed our organizational goals and our customers’ expectations with regard to quality, performance, and value, evidenced especially in our twisted wire brushes.

We are a proud leader in custom brushes, and one of our most popular custom brushes is the twisted-in-wire brush. Twisted wire brushes are used in a range of industries, from agriculture to lab brushes and everything in between. We stand out from competitors by finding solutions that meet exacting specifications for OEM components, consumer applications, production parts, manufacturing processes, and various manual uses.


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Twisted-In-Wire Brushes at Fuller

Twisted-in-wire brushes have fill, or bristle, material inserted between a wire stem which is then twisted into a brush. Twisted brushes are made by taking a length of galvanized steel, stainless steel, or brass wire doubled over and placing fill (bristle) material between the top and bottom of the doubled-over wire and twisting it up. Common fill materials used in these brushes are either nylon, polyester, horsehair, brass or steel/stainless steel. However, for brushes that will be used for more aggressive deburring actions and need an extended brush life, aluminum oxide filament or silicon carbide is used as the fill material.

Twisted-in-wire brushes are manufactured into various shapes using varying fill material. The fill material is twisted between two wires to create a single-stem, single-spiral construction. The brush face can be manufactured up to 50 inches. Twisted-in-wire brushes are also known as twisted brushes, tube brushes, bottle brushes, and power cleaning brushes.

Common applications of twisted wire brushes include cleaning, polishing, reaming, finishing, or removing debris on surfaces. Twisted wire brushes are used to clean medical and lab equipment and devices, parts in metal and automotive shops, or coils and piping. You may even use them at home to clean guns, computers, or other electronics.

The Styles & Materials of Our Custom Brushes

We can provide a variety of custom styles and materials to best fit our customers’ needs, as determined by the intended application. We can completely customize twisted-in-wire brushes, including changing the length and diameter. This, combined with the different options of fill material and styles, creates almost countless possibilities for your custom twisted wire brush.

Custom options include:

  • Fill Material: The fill material is twisted between two coated or stainless steel wires to create a single-stem, single-spiral construction. The brush face can be manufactured up to 50 inches.
  • Base Wire Material: The base wire is the wire that is twisted from a selected material.
  • Style of Brush End: Style choices include cut, handle, and loop.
  • Style of Brush Tip: Style choices include bottle, cut, fan, loop, and fan tuft.

Twisted-in-wire brushes are designed in the various shapes and tip styles illustrated below. The brush tip selection depends on the specific application and fill material.

Designing the Best Brush for Your Project

Our custom brush division serves Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries, and the customization of our twisted wire brushes allows these companies to use the brushes in many different ways.

Fill out the form below to order your custom twisted wire brushes, and contact us today with any questions. Our company is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and high-quality custom brushes to meet your needs.

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